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In Dalaman there are numerous places to satisfy the appetite serving traditional food and international cuisine. Traditional Turkish food is very tasty and there is a great emphasis on vegetables. Meat and fish is usually served grilled and there is a wide variety on offer. Stuffed peppers and vine leaves, kebabs and kofta are firm favorites. The national drink of Turkey is Raki which is aniseed flavored. Only drink bottled water whilst in Turkey.

Cinar Restaurant (Dalaman)
Situated within walking distance from Villa Wason and offers a free pick up and drop off service, and very popular amongst the English and Turkish alike. Kenan Catari the charming owner and host excels in customer service, delivers fine Turkish Cuisine. You can also bring your own steak along if you wish and use the table side barbecues. Kenan lives in Dalaman and has excellent knowledge of the area so feel free to pick his brains.

Akkaya Garden Restaurant
One of the best restaurants in the Mediterranean Region it gets its name from the valley where it is located. There are plenty of places to dine in the garden with secluded seating areas or in a stork’s nest. The nests are positioned in the trees and can sit 4-8 people.
The restaurant is located deep in the valley amongst pine trees, waterfalls, ponds, wildlife and flowers. The food is second to none with an excellent selection of both Turkish and European cuisine. If you email the restaurant and quote Villa Wason they will lay on a special service for you and you will have a bird nest table to dine in! The resturaunt offers a pick up and return service for around 40 lira.

Alternatively you can make a day of it as you will also find a large swimming pool to relax and sunbath around or do some Horse Riding, fishing and take a stroll around the lovely gardens or tour the farm.


Yosun Restaurant
Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner alternatives for your appetite They serve a variety of meats grilled on charcoal with different kinds of vegetables. The menu includes delicious tastes of Turkish cuisine by using selective ingredients of Mediterranean dishes. One of the best place's in Dalaman!

Palmiye Restaurant
Located on the right of the dual carriageway just before the main highway, and after the town centre. This has a lovely garden setting and the staff are lovely and really friendly. It’s open all day, from 09:00 to late. The menu is typical of the region and is reasonably priced, the food is fresh, well prepared and presented and delicious. The fresh bread is, to say the least, generously sized. The breakfast is a real treat. For only 10TL

Cinar Restaurant (Beyobasi)
Located in Beyobasi approximately half a hour drive from Dalaman. The restaurant is one of many that have fresh water streams on their grounds. The streams run from the mountain and cascade into mini water falls and is host to fresh trout. Feel free to swim in the clear ice cold spring water, also this area is remarkably cool and is lovely to relax in on the hottest of days. Enjoy the tasty Trout - out of the water and on your plate in minutes. The restaurant and area is a real slice of paradise and one of our favorite places. The staff are friendly and will leave you to laze around relaxing.

Nil Restaurant
Opposite of the Airport is a fantastic place with very kind owners. 
The turtles on the river are another reason to visit this place and staff will give you some bread to feed the turtles.

If you don't want to drive to Nil Restaurant, just call following phone number(s) and they will pick you up from your property and bring you back again.

00 90 252 694 83 60 with English phone connection. 
0252 694 83 60 with Turkish Mobile phone connection.
694 83 60 with local phone connection.

Dalaman Chicken Piliç Restaurant
Is on the Airport road when you come from outside Dalaman and is run by the local prison services.

You can buy freshly barbequed chicken to take away, or enjoy a lunch of half a chicken with salad and rice in the pleasant clean café.

A half chicken is YTL 3.00 (GBP 1,16)
A half chicken with salad, rice and ayran is only YTL 7,50 (GBP 3,00)

Sadirvan Restaurant (Akinci Village) 
On the road from Dalaman to Sarigerme is a small junction to Akincilar village on the right.. We visited this place every Sunday and enjoyed a rich breakfast for only YTL10 per person. It is a garden Restaurant with many utilities for kids and adults as it has a Playground. In the evening time you can also enjoy the best fresh fish.

Biz Bize Restaurant Cafe Bar
In the heart of Dalaman town lies this small bar a real hit with the locals and tourist. The owner is a gentleman and extremly accommodating, he will try and cater for your every need even if it means interrupting a Turkish football game in mid view to provide English Football. The staff are 1st class and deliver excellent customer service. The restaurant is open so caters for both smokers and non smokers and is a good spot if you want to catch the latest football match or just relax with some music.. Biz Bize's get our approval as they offer a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and will try and accommodating your every need..

These are some of the restaurants we have visited and some that have been recommended to us by our guest. Please let us know if you visit any other restaurants that are not listed that was memorable and we will publish it on this page.